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Mobile Laser Tag

12 State Of The Art Taggers

We feature Laser Taggers that shoot a harmless infrared beam (Similar to your TV remote). It is totally safe and just good clean fun for all! Our missions are all gender and age neutral and can be played either indoors or outdoors in daylight or at night. 

Respawn,Medic,Ammo Boxes

Our Laser Tag Offers high quality Pelican respawn boxes that are durable and able to withstand the intense battle. We also have Medic and Ammunition boxes that make the game play more intense for those serious players.

Tactical Vests

We provide tactical vests with sensors attached to give a more immersive laser tag experience. Our vest fit kids and adults. Using vests over headbands allows us to give a more real world feel to laser tag.


Worried about the amount of space required? Dont be, we can host your event at a local park, qymnasium, or another location that has the space.

Supporting Law Enforcement

We have had the pleasure to help local law enforcement with training. Being prior military we know that training is a huge part of being successful in the field. Our Laser Taggers can really help recreate events and use them as learning tools so that law enforcement can be successful.


We bring the barriers with us to help set up a battlefield in your yard. We always bring all of our barriers to ensure that we have enough to transform your yard into a modern battlefield. 

Laser Tag Party Prices

90 Minute Laser Tag Party

90 minutes-$250.00

Additional Hour $100.00/Hr

2 Hour Laser Tag Party

2 Hours- $300.00

Additional Hour $100.00/Hr

Combo Party

2 Hour Combo - $350.00

3 Hour Combo - $450.00

4 hour Combo - $550.00

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